3 ways to ace your English teaching profile page on italki

3 ways to ace your English teaching profile page on italki

What's the quickest way to attracting students on English teaching third-party platform like Verbling, italki or Preply?

How can you stand out as an independent teacher with so many competing teacher profiles?

Well, you’ve only got one page and a video to attract clients on these sites. But you should use this space as your chance to shine. Get it right, and they will come. Here's how to get started.

Making your profile stand out from the crowd

First, read my blog about adopting an independent trainer mindset, as this is critical in moving your outlook from a traditional teacher to trainer mode.

The other key thing you might not know about your profile is, it’s not about you. A good profile page is actually about your student. Think about it. Your potential student will be scrolling through maybe 20 or 30 profiles looking for a match, for someone who ‘speaks’ to them.

So, creating a bio is about showing you understand the likely needs and pain points of your ideal student and then confirming that you are the right person to help them overcome their issues so they can succeed.

With this in mind, here are three brilliant ideas to consider in order to create a magnetic profile.

1. Be 'niche'
Why? It’s easier to sell one thing to one type of person than many things to everyone. Most English teachers are generalists and there are thousands on the sites. It might be you focus on business English, exam English or kids. You might specialise in Spanish learners. A specialism will help you stand out. 

2. Talk about your student
Remember, it’s not about you and the best way is to show this in your copy is to change ‘I’ to ‘you’ wherever possible. Also, ask plenty of questions. Keep sentences short, simple and direct. Try to avoid phrasal verbs and idioms.

Yes, you do need to say a bit about you, but this comes at the end. I suggest make it a bullet point list, to keep it short. So, your bio might start…

Are you someone who finds it difficult to understand natural English?
Are you nervous when speaking in English, worried you will make mistakes?
Are you…

If so, I can help.

I’m a qualified online English teacher from the UK, experienced in xxx, specialising in xxx.
With me, you’ll learn xxx, succeed in xxx without fear, in my fun, instructive English sessions.  

3. Nail the video
Smile! It’s so important. Ask about the student in the same way as you do in your profile, as it is still about them and not you. Be natural but do speak slowly.

Few do this, but consider adding English subtitles to your video from a site like subly.com to stand out.  Finally, have a look at the profiles and videos of others. Think: who would you like to have lessons with, and why?

Here’s to your online English teaching success. 

For more help setting up as an online English teacher, check out the links below.


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  • Author: Louisa Walsh
  • Date: 20/04/2021

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3 ways to ace your English teaching profile page on italki