5 Common TEFL Myths Busted

5 Common TEFL Myths Busted

At Global English we’ve been welcoming people of all ages, stages and backgrounds onto our English teaching courses. You could say we’ve learned a bit about the TESOL market over the last 20 years, so we’re delighted to be able to burst a few TEFL myths…

Myth 1 - my knowledge of grammar is poor so I can’t take a TESOL course…
If you don’t know your adverb from your elbow, you might be encouraged to know that most EFL teachers are in the same boat when they started out (me included). That’s because if you’re a native English speaker, chances are you absorbed the English language rather learned the rules formally, as you would with a second language. However, you can relax as we’ve got you covered; all our online TESOL courses take you through the essential EFL grammar and how to teach it. Phew!

Myth 2 - I’m too old to get a TESOL job...
Many of our EFL trainees are over 40 and we’ve even taught those in their 80s. Our mature life-changers are working all over the world, freelancing, teaching in schools or else teaching English online. While there may be some restrictions if you are older and aiming to work in certain countries like China and S. Korea, where there can be a bias towards younger teachers, many students welcome the wisdom an older teacher can bring. Flexibility in outlook, a can-do attitude and a genuine interest in others is what is key so if this sounds like you, age is no barrier.

Need more inspiration? Hear direct from our mature trainees who are living and loving their teaching life overseas:
Kerry Edwards teaching English in Spain
Maggie Asquith teaching English in France
Vaughn Buxton teachng English in Thailand

Myth 3 - only native English speakers can teach English...
Native English speakers are highly sought-after but that is not the whole story in TESOL as demand to learn English is so high worldwide. Non-native English speakers are teaching across the world, freelancing and teaching English online. Discover more about where our non-native English teachers are working now.

Myth 4 - it means I have to teach kids...
If kids are not your thing, no problem. As an alternative, you can focus specifically on teaching English to adults, specialising in business learners, teach English online, or for specific English language exams like IELTS. Or a combination of all of those.

Myth 5 - I need to speak the language of my destination country...
EFL teaching is commonly based on total immersion in English, even to beginners, so you don’t need to know any other languages. It’s amazing to think that your knowledge of English could be your passport to the worldWhile a little of the native language can be handy  - especially in helping you to settle in to a new culture, it's rarely an absolute must. 

For a flavour of EFL in action, see our Course Director, Louisa, teaching some vocabulary to a class in the video below.


So hopefully that’s some myths well and truly busted.

Want to find out more about TESOL opportunities for you?
Contact William directly for advice on all things TESOL at info@global-english.com

  • Author: William Bradridge
  • Date: 28/08/2019

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5 Common TEFL Myths Busted