AI in the Classroom - Insights from TeachPlanet Co-founder

AI in the Classroom - Insights from TeachPlanet Co-founder

In a recent Global English Youtube interview with Patrick Fordham, co-founder of TeachPlanet, we delved into the profound influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on classroom dynamics.
TeachPlanet, a pioneering platform in the education sector, is at the forefront of embracing AI to revolutionise the teaching and learning experience. 
As we journey towards a more tech-integrated education system, platforms like TeachPlanet are shaping the future of learning through innovative AI solutions.


Watch the full Youtube video here


1. Embracing the World of AI at TeachPlanet (00:50):

Fordham sheds light on how the platform is embracing the world of AI to enhance teaching methodologies, personalise learning, and create a more dynamic educational environment.

2. Navigating the Trust in AI (03:30):

The discussion then turns to the pivotal question: Can we trust AI, especially in the realm of education? 

3. The Schooling System and AI Adoption (11:07):

Fordham shares his perspective on whether the schooling system has adequately embraced AI and how the integration of this technology is shaping the future of education.

4. Adapting Lesson Plans with AI (16:59):

AI's adaptability takes center stage as Fordham discusses how it can tailor lesson plans to meet the unique needs of different students. From personalised learning paths to adaptive assessments, the conversation highlights the transformative power of AI in making education more inclusive and effective.

5. Accessing Teach Planet's AI-powered Solutions (21:47):

Fordham concludes the interview by providing insights into how educators and institutions can access the innovative solutions offered by TeachPlanet. 

Visit Teach Planet's website for more information


  • Author: Annine Siddall
  • Date: 21/12/2023

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