The Global Classroom: Embracing the Power of Online TEFL Teaching

The Global Classroom: Embracing the Power of Online TEFL Teaching

Earlier this year we spoke to a passionate TEFL educator who has completed four Global English courses since 2019. 

In this interview with English with Elsie, we delve into her transformative journey of teaching English online and the profound impact it has had on her career. This is how Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), has changed her life. 

The Evolution of a Passion:

English with Elsie's journey into teaching English started three years ago with the establishment of her own language education business. Prior to this, she dedicated her skills to teaching English in a humanitarian context, contributing to a community center in Greece. This initial exposure to the power of language education within a community laid the foundation for her career transition into full-time online teaching.

Navigating the Online Teaching Landscape:

Discovering Online Teaching Amidst Challenges: Amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Elsie initially embraced online teaching out of necessity. Transitioning from a traditional classroom setting to a virtual space, she found herself teaching English over the telephone.

Empowered by Global English Courses: To enhance her online teaching skills, Elsie decided to enrol in a Global English course. Her first course not only provided the necessary technological know-how but also equipped her with the tools to navigate the virtual teaching landscape effectively.

Embracing the Surprising Joys of Online Teaching:

From Skepticism to Love: Initially skeptical about online teaching, Elsie discovered a newfound love for the flexibility and versatility it offers. Despite missing the traditional classroom buzz, the one-to-one interactions in the online space allowed her to tailor her teaching approach to the unique needs of each student.

Flexibility and Connection: Teaching online has proven to be a flexible endeavour, enabling Elsie to connect with students from diverse corners of the globe. The global reach of online teaching has enriched her experience, providing a platform to meet and engage with students from different cultural backgrounds.

Teaching English online is a rewarding job: "You really feel like you are helping someone reach their potential, because language learning is hard and there are lots of ups and downs. You can feel very discouraged along the way, but I love being able to walk with a student through that and to see the bigger picture, to hear the stories of how it really makes a difference in their life. Some students have been forced to leave their own country and they are making a really hard transition and you are meeting them in that point of their journey," said Elsie. 

Elsie's inspiring journey underscores the transformative power of online TEFL teaching. From navigating the challenges of the digital shift to discovering the joys of one-to-one connections, her experience highlights the adaptability and community-building potential inherent in online education.

If you'd like to contact her, visit:


  • Author: Annine Siddall
  • Date: 13/12/2023

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The Global Classroom: Embracing the Power of Online TEFL Teaching