Global English TESOL Courses at the Language Show 2010

Global English TESOL Courses at the Language Show 2010

Global English is delighted to announce that we are exhibiting at the 2010 Language Show this year. 

If it is anything like last year, we will speak to at least 200 people every day at the show. So this is why I find it surprising how many TEFL course providers shy away from exhibiting and putting themselves up in front of their potential customers.

If you Google 'TEFL Courses' or 'TESOL courses' you'll find hundreds of providers who have never presented more than a faceless website to the world. But you will meet very few of them at the Language Show, when actually, what really matters is talking to people. When you speak to someone about something, if you delve deeper, you get more than the company line - the 'bells and whistles' - because at these shows you get real advice from people who have been there at the sharp end of teaching - which may well be where you are heading. So If you really want to know how far a distance learning course will get you, or whether the CELTA is really all it is cracked up to be, don't just trust a static website, or a blog where someone says 'yes, it's great' or 'no, you need this'. Speak to someone - 2 or 3 organisations at least.  Look at different types of courses - think about whether you need a £1000 course if you are off on a gap year, for example. It's your money - an investment in your career. Spend it wisely.

So taking to people is why I love the Language Show in Olympia. At Global English TESOL we want to give you the right advice for your TEFL journey, be it short or long. We are not interested in selling you the 'latest flavour' course. Rather we'd like to know where you want to go, whether you want TEFL/TESOL as a career abroad or in the UK, or just a passport to you next step around the world. We have been there, done that, and enjoyed the experiences TEFL has given us. So we'd be happy to help you on your way too.

Thinking back, if I'd had the opportunity of visiting a TEFL fair, I'd probably have received better advice, rather than playing roulette with a range of different distance TEFL providers, and picking the poor course that I ultimately did.  So at the Language Show you can come along and compare different TEFL products, and if you stop by our stand we look forward to seeing you and answering your questions!

Remember - it is still good to talk!

William Bradridge, 80's throwback, 15 years TEFL experience
Global English

  • Author: William Bradridge
  • Date: 15/09/2010

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