Helping learners answer interview questions

Helping learners answer interview questions

“If I gave you an elephant, where would you hide it?”


Although that’s one of the strangest interview questions we have heard, your students might need to expect something similar, as employers often throw you off guard with unusual questions. So, along with the usual questions about their career, aspirations and why they want to work for the company, how else can you help prepare your learners for success at interview? 

We think we have the answer...

At Global English we have taken time to craft great worksheets on helping learners with interview questions. We have these, along with several other key English language areas, in our Teaching English Starter Packs, which are gifts we are offering all new trainees in December. So, if you are struggling for materials to inspire your students, then look no further. Our fantastic teaching packs are designed to help any new or experienced TEFL teacher. Let’s take a look:

The TEFL Starter Pack

Ideal for any English language teacher, in this pack you'll find three practical and accessible PDFs designed to develop your essential teaching skills and save you hours of preparation. 

The TEFL Starter Pack contains:

* Big Grammar eBook
The essential English grammar presented in bite-size chunks with stop and think tasks to help bring the concepts to life.

* 30 instant ready-to-print lessons
Saving you prep time and giving you super resources at your fingertips, with themes like hobbies, making small talk, survival English, interviews and driving. These are set across a range of levels. 

* English Teaching to Beginners Guide
A packed 12-page guide with lesson plans, a syllabus outline plus tips and resources for teaching this most challenging of levels. No need to search the internet for ideas, we've done all the hard work for you.

All are easy to read and use, illustrated and practical.

Alternatively, if you are mainly teaching online, then check out this option…

The Teaching English Online Starter Pack

The Teaching English Online Starter Pack is perfect for any TEFL teacher who is starting out or considering teaching English online. Get top teaching tips and jobs advice in our guide, enjoy 20 ready-to-go lessons and access links to hundreds of online jobs and companies.  

The Teaching English Online Starter Pack contains:

* Instant Ready-to-teach Online Lesson Pack (20 lessons)
These are designed to provide you with super resources on your computer screen that you can share with your students. Topics include more on jobs and interviews, along with ordering food, the best city in the world, social media and the use of AI.

* Guide to English teaching online
Using elements of our Teaching English Online course, we look at how to set up a great bio if you are planning on teaching independently, and a review of some of the best companies to work for if you are thinking about teaching online for regular employment. Links to thousands of companies seeking native and non-native teachers worldwide. 

* Big Grammar eBook
All the essential English grammar presented in bite-size chunks with stop and think tasks to help bring the concepts to life.

All delivered in PDF format, individually these items retail for £70, but you can save £20 by buying them as a pack, or get them free (see below).

Both packs are free in December, when you purchase any Global English course.  We will email your pack to you 14 days after enrolment.  Which one will you choose?

View the packs here: TEFL Starter Pack / Teaching English Online Starter Pack

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Oh, have you decided where you would hide your elephant yet?


  • Author: William Bradridge
  • Date: 05/12/2022

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Helping learners answer interview questions