I teach English online for iTutorGroup

I teach English  online for iTutorGroup

We are constantly asked about prospects for online English teaching and the good news is, demand is huge.

One of the front-runners in the industry is the Taiwanese iTutorGroup (also known as TutorABC) with an estimated 20,000 teachers worldwide, 24/7 lesson coverage and seemingly endless demand for its services.

So, we know they are a market-leader, but what are they like to work for? We asked Global English TESOL graduate Liam Purnell about his experience as one of iTutorGroup's online English teachers.

Over to you Liam...

The reason why I trained to teach English was to teach online, because of the flexibility it offers as I’m still at university. I can choose the hours I desire to work, which comes in handy when I have essays due. I recommend anyone who is studying a humanitarian course to teach English as a side gig. Good income and it tests your English skills.

The interview process is fairly straightforward. I recommend being honest with yourself to see if you have the necessary skills and PATIENCE. This is what they are primarily looking for. Patience. It can be frustrating at times when the 'client' has difficulty comprehending a concept, especially an abstract one. So I recommend in the interview that you exercise a calm demeanour.

The flexibility is great and their pay structure is good and progressive, although you have to take into account that China and Taiwan is 8+ hours ahead of you. When you clock 'x' number of hours you can move up the pay chain. If you put more in you will get more out. Ages range from as young as 3! All the way to 85 years old. Once you start you will be with older clients, although if you do exercise great patience they will offer you junior clients, which there are plenty of!
(We also understand that all material is provided, teachers can work 1-1 or lead small groups on the iTtutorGroup platform. Global English TESOL admin.)

I believe a TESOL certificate gives you the foundation to build and acquire the necessary skills. The most important exercise I conduct on myself is reflection. For any budding English teachers I recommend that you reflect on each lesson. What went well? What do I need to improve on? These reflective questions are necessary to better oneself in this competitive community.

Thank you, Liam. We hope you continue to enjoy teaching English online.


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  • Author: Liam Purnell
  • Date: 06/03/2020

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I teach English  online for iTutorGroup