New one-to-one Personalised Teaching Practice course

New one-to-one Personalised Teaching Practice course

We’re about to launch a new and unique 10-hour Personalised Teaching Practice (PTP) course. It’s unique because you practice teaching live, online, one-to-one with your tutor.

It’s like having your own TEFL/TESOL coach to guide you and help you grow, and all for the price of a place on a typical online group TP course.

No other TESOL provider we know does this.

Discover more and find out how you can get an exclusive early-bird discount in our Q&A blog below:

What is Personalised Teaching Practice (PTP)?
It’s a 10-hour, customised TP course for anyone who wants more tutor input, longer online teaching segments to put it all together, and personalised feedback. The aim is to help you develop your own teaching style with confidence, in the most time-efficient way.

Why one-to-one PTP rather than group TP?
We all know teaching practice is helpful. But, there are many problems. It’s often:
* inaccessible/out of area
* at an inconvenient time
* in very large groups where you are waiting silently much of the time. Plus, you run the risk of internalising other trainees’ bad habits, comparing yourself unfavourably, etc.

With the Global English PTP, we cut through all of that so you get direct TEFL coaching and a more personalised teaching practice experience, with instant feedback and expert next-step advice from your own trusted tutor.

Much of life is moving to ‘on-demand,’ so why not teaching practice?

Sounds good.  But how does the 10-hour PTP element work?
You’ll do some prep to get the most out of the sessions (approx. 4 hours).
Then, you’ll then deliver a range of short lessons live over Zoom to your tutor. You’ll benefit from three hours of teaching, split into five 30- or 40-minute sessions.
Your tutor will provide feedback, helping you improve your performance.
Finally, you’ll review recordings of your live TP sessions so you can reflect, learn and grow (approx. 3hours.)

Do I need to be TESOL qualified to enrol on the TP course?
All Global English TESOL 120 hour (or higher) course trainees are welcome to enrol in the TP programme at any time. However, you should complete the relevant sections of your online course before you book the corresponding TP element with your tutor.

I’ve got a TESOL/TEFL from another course provider. Can I take the 1-1 PTP with you?
Yes, provided you have a minimum 120-hour certificate and you have prepared both a skills-based and grammar lesson that you can teach over Zoom.

Can I book teaching times to suit me?
Simply message your tutor direct to arrange times to suit you both. Other tutors are available if you can’t find a time with your original tutor.  We think it’s the most flexible TP programme around.

What certificate will I get?
You’ll receive a 10-hour teaching practice certificate upon successful completion.

How much is it? When will it launch?
Our PTP is £145. But, we are offering a launch price of £95 for early-bird registrants. Email us to get on the list and to take advantage of this super saving. Launching end July 2021.

  • Author: William Bradridge
  • Date: 02/07/2021

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New one-to-one Personalised Teaching Practice course