Online English revision made easy – my 3 top sites

Online English revision made easy – my 3 top sites

If you're teaching online and need some lively websites to help you add the fun element to English revision, then this is for you.

We've scoured the net to bring you our top three free sites for easy online English recycling. Who knew revision could be so much fun?

Each one of these sites:

 * needs no preparation (or minimal prep)
 * is interactive (click and something happens)
 * is appealing (and clearly useful when it comes to recycling English)

So here goes…

1. Wordwall transforms your words/phrases/grammar points into fun formats such as:

  • spin the wheel.
  • Matching cards
  • Quiz shows
  • Memory games

You just add your target words or structures, choose your format from the list and click 'create'. It's so easy. Then, simply toggle between options to see what your exercise looks like in the other Wordwall formats.

Do ‘share sound’ when you share the screen. The ‘ding’ and applause effects, when your student gets something correct, add some extra zing.

You can choose from the many existing exercises or make your own.  You can create up to 5 free, or pay a small monthly fee to do more.

Have a play here:

2. Scramblinator jumbles phrases automatically for your students to untangle.

Simply copy and paste your phrases into the top box, click ‘scramble’ and the Scramblinator will mix them up for you. 

It's pleasingly simple and highly effective.

here/ check/ it / out :

3. Game Gal word generator

It's an online Pictionary. Your student clicks to generate a new word that you can't see. You have to guess it from their description. 

For a fun grammar recycling twist, have your student create a sentence in various tenses, containing the computer-generated word.

You'll need to send the link to the site to your student so they can open it on their side and generate the word. 

This site always raises a smile and it easily passes our 'no-stress site test' to make it into our top three.

Enjoy it here:


Do you have any go-to, easy-to-use online sites you like? We would love to know more about them, so why not share them with us in the comments section below?

Happy teaching...

  • Author: Louisa Walsh
  • Date: 24/06/2021

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Online English revision made easy – my 3 top sites