The best free TESOL websites

The best free TESOL websites

If you are a TESOL teacher you'll find the web is awash with great sites for English language learners - and harnessing these and having a stock of the best ones is obviously helpful for teachers of English. You'll also get extra brownie points for keeping abreast of the latest and most relevant learner sites and tools. After all, few course books will have much on the economic crisis or Barack Obama's inauguration; but you can bet the internet does with neat articles perhaps already ‘treated,' ripe for the language learner interested in current affairs.

For 'graded' news articles with questions, quizzes and answers underneath, try Onestopenglish. While most of this site is subscription based, check out their free-to-view news articles, adapted from the Guardian weekly and neatly treated for level. Breaking news English is similar but the articles are shorter and you can listen to them as well as read.

For listening and pronunciation activities the BBC's learning English website is hard to beat. Look at this on the schwa sound in English.

If you need some discussion questions in a hurry, then there's a myriad here at the ITESLJ website with discussion points from manners to politics. A superb ready to print-and-go site.

Now for grammar. While a Google search on something like present perfect explained might be best for individual grammar queries, the English Grammar Online website is also useful. There's a lot for the teacher here. You might also find this irregular verbs list from the Using English website helpful and these explanations and online quizzes on Conditional sentences are really clear as well.

To finish, I'm going to cheat a little. I'm going to recommend a site that's not free. Sorry, but I absolutely love Handouts Online and for only a small subscription per year, it's as good as free. For range (from grammar to discussion), simplicity (all are pdf documents) and ease of navigation, this has to be the best value site around. 

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Louisa Walsh
Course Director, Global English TESOL Courses

updated October 2018

  • Author: Louisa Walsh
  • Date: 01/10/2014

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