20 Beginner English lessons

No-nonsense, functional lessons - get A1/beginner teen or adult students speaking early about useful topics, and save hours of prep time.

The 20 Beginner Online English teaching worksheets are:
* speaking-based
* logical: step-by-step lessons: I am, daily routines, likes, dislikes etc.
* useful: lessons on buying in a shop, making appointments, taking a bus.
* pitched at beginner (A1) level 

Bring a worksheet up on screen to share with your students online in class or, print-and-use in class.

Each worksheet requires minimal preparation. They are straightforward lessons designed to be easy to use and to help you get your students speaking quickly.

Further links to optional supplementary beginner videos and exercises are also included.

The pack comes with a short user guide and links to three video tutorials to help you use the worksheets effectively.

Here's a list of what's in the pack:




Language focus


Meeting someone 1st/2nd time

Basic introductions


Intro and basic sentences

To be:  questions, positives and negative forms


Short tasks/riddles: to be

To be:  questions, positives and negative forms


 Asking for food in shop

 Food vocab. Can I have…?


 Giving & taking phone numbers

 Numbers 1-10


 Can for permission

 Can I + verb. Positive, negative & question form


 Talking about immediate family

 Family vocab. Verb: to have


 Like/don’t like & fluency

To be/to have & like/don’t like


Telling the time

Nos 1-12, time-telling


Diary planning

Days vocab & meeting


Talking about your town

 Town vocab. Is/are + some/many/not many


The alphabet & spell your name

 for appointments

Making a Drs appointment & Spelling your name


Giving personal details

Email, physical address & his/our etc


Useful daily verbs

I get up at etc.


More useful daily verbs

I get up. Do & does revision


Vocab & dialogue

Questions & bus journey vocab


Weather, seasons, months

Talking about the weather


Body parts, aches, fever

Parts of the body. Dr. dialogue, should


Fluency across a range of topics

Making sentences, forming questions


Prepositions of place, house & furniture

In, on, next to, under, behind in front of and rooms and items

See a video of Louisa explaining how to teach one of these worksheets to beginners >>

For individual teacher use only. For multi-teacher/school or organisation use, please email us.

Delivered in PDF format. Worksheets sent out next working day after purchase.

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20 Beginner English lessons

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