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If you want to teach English in Austria, then you will find a well developed market economy and a large number of internationals. As a result, the TEFL industry is strongly divided between either business English or teaching children.

However, the competition for TEFL jobs in Austria is fairly hot. To a great extent the English teaching demand is met by people from this already present population. There is also a network of qualified and experienced local teachers with an excellent command of English. Although learning from a native speaker is still quite highly prized, it is not as highly valued as it is elsewhere in the world. 

The standard of living is high, which is good of course, but unless you can secure full time teaching hours, it can be difficult to keep up with the cost of living. You might wish to think about avoiding teaching English in the larger cities, such as Vienna, and heading for the smaller towns where competition for jobs and the cost of living is less.

Tips for teaching English in Austria:

* get all your paperwork in order as this will be important to find here
* dress for business and present a professional CV/resume
* learn some German which is useful for socialising and networking  

The courses we would recommend for Austria are:

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