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We rarely see advertisements for Austrian EFL positions in the UK or International press, as Austrian employers will normally want to see you before offering any form of contract. This obviously favours the teacher who is prepared to travel and apply for jobs on spec.

It is often easier for English language speakers already in Austria or who have passports from EU countries to find teaching work in Austria. However, when getting started, you'll most likely have to survive on part time hours from a variety of schools.

If applying to teach business English, be aware that employers generally favour commercial experience over academic credentials alone.

Although you are unlikely to be teaching beginners, a knowledge of German will help your application, as will a driving licence.  At interview, dress professionally and ensure you have a well-prepared and presented CV which highlights your contact with the commercial world. You might find the guide to writing your CV on our site helpful. 

Work teaching English to children can be found in the numerous summer camps, which have a lively ‘study-holiday’ atmosphere. In this area of Austrian EFL, experience of working with children and a lively, enthusiastic personality may be more important than degrees and certificates.

If arriving on spec, try the Yellow Pages in the big cities, the British Council offices and newspapers such as ‘Austria Today’. Outside of the private sector, you may want to try teaching at one of the adult education and community colleges (Volkshochschulen), although you may need to have some teaching experience in order to do this.

Our recommended course options for Austria are:

If teaching young people is something you'd like to do, we suggest you add the 30-hour Teaching English to Young Learners.

All Global English accredited courses now include online English teaching as standard, which is important, as post pandemic much teaching has gone online, and may stay that way in some form.

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