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Teaching English in Chile is amazing. English teachers in Chile have the opportunity to experience a truly beautiful country of spectacular contrasts.

Chile forms the spine of Latin America and has a spectacular pacific coastline, with beautiful Andean highlands. It has a growing economy, a strong demand for English, the people are warm and friendly and there is much to explore.  

As with many countries in South America, most employers will want to meet you or talk to you face-to-face. This means contacting schools first to arrange an interview and telling them when you can be in-country. 

From business English to teaching children, to freelancing, the demand to learn English is good, and pay will allow you to live well locally. 

Tips for teaching English in Chile: 

* you'll need the Premier 120-hr TESOL for Latin America as your basic qualification
* add the 30-hour Teaching English to Young Learners course 
* consider the 30-hour Teaching Business English for Chile if you would like to teach in this sector
* Learn a little Spanish to help you get started
* View comments from our TESOL graduates teaching English in Chile


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