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While there are some positions advertised for Egypt on the internet, there is definitely more choice if you are able to travel to the country and seek work on arrival. The British Council has an office in Cairo and they can help direct you towards organisations of interest (see Useful Contacts). Otherwise, simple word of mouth and interaction with the locals is likely to yield results. Once you are installed, there should be ample opportunity for lucrative freelance teaching. You’ll find that almost everyone in Egypt wants to learn English! 

Whilst business students require English year round, the school year starts in September and schools start recruiting as early as May. You may want to time your arrival with this in mind. Go armed with all certificates and dress to impress.  The good news for the new EFL teacher is that experience is often not a prerequisite for being taken on. Prospects of finding EFL employment are good for confident, adventurous native speakers. You might find the guide to writing your CV on our site quite helpful here. 

Pay and conditions do vary greatly.  In Cairo, your biggest expense is likely to be accommodation and standards vary greatly. If you are able to secure work from abroad, accommodation may be included as part of the contract. 

Our recommended course options for Egypt are:

All Global English accredited courses now include online English teaching as standard, which is important, as post pandemic much teaching has gone online, and may stay that way in some form.


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