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James O'Connor

You’ll need a lot of patience when applying for work here, and even more persistence. One of the most annoying things is that people will seldom return your calls, respond to your e-mails or contact you at a later date - it is up to you to chase after them and get them to make a commitment. If applying for work before coming to Finland, it is important to keep this in mind. Securing a contract might take longer than many people are used to in the UK or Ireland.

Finns themselves are not the most outgoing (I hope my girlfriend doesn’t see this) or the friendliest of people, at least until you get to know them. On the plus side though, they make good students - most people will already have a good knowledge of English, and more importantly a good knowledge of how to learn. It’s not really a good destination for summer work, as most Finns who want to learn English go to an English speaking country to do so during the summer. This is a pity, because the summer is really the nicest time to be in Finland.

Shaz Rahman

After arriving in May, I found it quite difficult to find work, and it took several rounds of emailing and calling to get anywhere. Unfortunately for me, I had arrived during summer (the kipper season for work!) But after getting two freelance positions for schools - this being more common than full-time positions, I have now found that I have a fairly good flow of work. I even decided to set up my own business and currently I am working freelance for a couple of companies. I am doing business English in the main. Its hard work but I am thoroughly enjoying it. I think that I will probably stay in Finland for a few years more, and am really loving it out here.... the coldest it has been is -20.... which is nothing (so I'm told!!!) 'wait till its -30 day in day out', I've been warned. So I think I'll just stay in - boycotting the outdoors.

Finland is a tough place to get into, as the Finns are too polite to say no to you. But they appreciate it if you call them lots!!!! So I have accomplished my first step in getting a full time job, so wish me luck! Thanks again for helping me through the course and giving me the confidence to get out here and do something worthwhile.

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