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A Global English TESOL course with an added business specialist course will significantly enhance your job prospects, as will a degree and any business experience/qualifications. If you are from the EU, it is relatively easy to gain work and if you sign up for our guide on this page there is a little more detail on your options in terms of registering for tax purposes.

Non EU?

If you are not from the EU, it may be possible to work legally on a student visa depending on your country of origin and age. Otherwise, unless you have the legal right to work in France, it often is too costly and bureaucratic for an employer to take you on. As a result, some people do work 'under the table.' Most teaching jobs in France are now taken up by native English speakers already living there. If that's you, and you'd like to get trained to teach English, our recommended courses for France are:

All Global English accredited courses now include online English teaching as standard, which is important as post pandemic much teaching has gone online, and may stay that way in some form. You'll see lists of language schools by region are available in the yellow pages (pages Jaunes).

Getting a list list of language schools in your area to work from is a great start to any job hunt. Alternatively, consider hosting and teaching in your French home, where there are well established teen and adult programmes. There is also the option of enquiring via the local Chamber of Commerce, which may even have training centres attached.

Finally, consider looking into freelance English teaching.

How the above works in practice:

Some Global English TESOL graduates have found work through the hundreds of local Chambers of Commerce (CCI’s). One former TESOL trainee has taught staff at a pharmaceutical company via this route, for example. Others have networked, joined provincial Facebook groups for teachers and networked by providing a few free classes in pubs/schools.

Teaching online/by Skype/Zoom/Teams is well established in France and there are many companies offering this option. This is of particular interest to the busy business professional who cannot easily take an hour or two out of the day to attend a conventional class. If you are a freelance teacher, we would suggest offering online classes as an option to your students.

Living expenses are especially high in Paris; something to bear in mind as a new teacher. So you might want to think about more attractive alternatives in the provincial towns and even in the holiday areas, where accommodation is less expensive (out of season) and the competition less fierce. It may be easier to pick up extra private tuition and even exchange lessons for cheap accommodation. One of our former Global English graduates advocates renting and enjoying the country, moving from place to place and has easily picked up work wherever she has been.

France is such a popular destination for our TESOL course graduates, we've several of their stories on our blog here >>

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