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Where better to start your EFL career than the birthplace of Western civilisation?

Greece boasts attractive countryside, islands with sandy beaches and blue seas, as well as mountains for the more adventurous who like to go hiking or skiing.

Outside the cities there is a sense of travelling back in time when you visit the small villages. You’ll find Greek people are friendly and welcoming and will often sit with you for long periods in the cafes over iced coffee. Like much of southern Europe, Greece enjoys a ‘café culture’. Greek people are respectful, passionate about their football and are very hospitable.

Traditionally there has been very strong demand in Greece since teaching standards in the state sector varied so that school students attend extra private classes in many subjects, outside of regular school hours. However, the economic crisis, followed by Covid and the shut down of the incredibly important travel sector, has had a significant impact on the country's once booking EFL sector.

However, as things begin to reopen post pandemic, there will soon be a great opportunity to help Greek speakers improve their English. They will be doing this for two reasons - some stay in the country to work in the re-growing tourist economy, while others will be trying to get their English to a standard to leave the country for English speaking universities or international jobs.

Tips for teaching English in Greece

The courses we would recommend for Greece are:

* the TESOL Advanced Course 150 hours for Europe
* the 30-hour Teaching English to Young Learners course 
* the 30-hour Teaching Business English for Greece if you would like to teach in this re-growing sector
* Learn a little Greek to help you network and find work

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