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Hong Kong is fascinating; full of Chinese influence and yet with a strong western feel. It is also a travel hub for Asia and teaching and earning on a good contract should enable you to travel easily and fairly cheaply to exotic Bali and other SE Asia destinations.

There is an enormous demand to learn English in Hong Kong. This is the case even though Cantonese is now the medium of instruction in state schools instead of English.

Demand exists throughout the private and state sectors and it is relatively easy to fix up a job in advance through numerous schools and agencies that advertise on the internet.  In addition, it is possible to apply to teach in primary or secondary schools through the government backed Native English Teacher (NET) scheme. This is more bureaucratic but pay and conditions are better than average, so can be worth it, especially as HK is one of Asia's most expensive cities. 

Tips for teaching English in Hong Kong:

* the Premier 120-hr TESOL for Asia as a basic qualification
* the 10-hour Observed Teaching Practice for Hong Kong will be essential for application to the NET scheme for primary
* consider applying via an agency to compare jobs.

Global English TESOL graduates have access to the schools and job agencies listed on our site; many offering return flights, housing allowance and competitive salary.

* read the comments section from our Global English graduates and a more in-depth article from former GE trainee Erin Levant who is teaching English in Hong Kong

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