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One popular scheme for Japan is the JET scheme; a well respected government run organisation that recruits UK graduates as classroom assistants. The pay and conditions are good and it is possible to stay for up to three years on a yearly renewable contract. However with the JET programme you need to be flexible, as you may not have much choice in destination. Alternatively, if you want to gain a prearranged contract, look on the internet (e.g., where you will find many jobs and larger organisations advertising.

A degree is needed for a work visa to be issued (or 3 years' verifiable ESL experience) and if you are not a native speaker, your education will need to have been conducted in English.  
It is important to dress smartly and conservatively but schools often look for teachers who appear lively and fun. While native English speakers are preferred, especially for business English teaching, other nationalities have been welcome. 

In addition to the reasonable salaries which attract so many new TESOL teachers, most Japanese schools tend to offer year round employment. Teachers are very highly regarded in Japan, particularly those from abroad. Your students are likely to be very friendly, welcoming and eager to learn all about you. Check out the organisation keen to employ our Global English graduates to teach English in Japan on our Asia Jobs board, or Check out this Japanese employer, keen to recruit Global English graduates from a variety of different countries. 

Our recommended course options for Japan are:

* the Premier 120-hr TESOL for Asia as a basic qualification
* the 30-hour Teaching Business English for Japan
* for better  job prospects, take the Professional 250-hr TESOL 

Watch a video with Global English graduate Mike Konig as he talks about his Japan experience here >>

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