Travel & Teach - Morocco


Morocco is the African country which offers the greatest variety of climate, thanks to being bordered by two seas, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. All of the principle cities (and hence teaching centres) are to be found beside the sea, either the Mediterranean in the west or the Atlantic to the north. Towards the interior you will find the Sahara desert and the terrain is more mountainous. So there is a lot of variety to stimulate the traveller to this spectacular country. 

There has been an increase in the demand for English, largely driven by the business community, which is seeking greater trade with the EU. Therefore there are opportunities for the adventurous EFL teacher, whether you are new to the profession or just looking for a change of scene. There are private language schools in the main cities and even an English First (EF) in Casablanca. Prospects of finding EFL employment are good for confident, adventurous native speakers, but you will need to have a degree to enable you to gain a work permit from the government. Remember that this country is still considered ‘off the beaten track’ by many. There are more EFL opportunities in Egypt, for example, but if you want to experience the delights that North Africa has to offer, Morocco could be the adventure you are looking for.

Tips for teaching English in Morocco:

* take a quality, accredited TESOL course such as the TESOL Premier 120-hour course
* consider the 30-hour Teaching Business English course to set yourself apart from others if you'd like to teach Business English

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