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Portugal has been a really popular destination for English teachers for more than 30 years. Once a hidden gem, now it's one of the first places you think of if you want to teach English in the sunshine of southern Europe. It also one of the first to actively start seeking language teachers for the academic year as the world moves out of lockdown Europe. 

Always popular with British and Irish teachers, the Portuguese school system rewards youngsters who seek to develop their English language skills outside the classroom, and there is a corresponding demand for business English as well. So this is a great place to start your teaching career, or the next step on your teaching journey.

Portuguese learners of English often speak with a good accent, in marked contrast to their Spanish counterparts. Most of the teaching follows the academic school year, so if you are looking for work on the spot, then the best time is in early September or January.

Work opportunities are more limited in July and August, where it is not uncommon for factories to shut down for a couple of weeks in the summer.

Tips for teaching English in Portugal:

In a country that values education, a good, accredited TESOL is highly prized. The courses we would recommend for Portugal are:

* the TESOL Advanced Course 150 hours for Europe
* the 30-hour Business TESOL for Portugal, as Business English is a crucial part of the 
* the 30-hour Teaching English to Young Learners course if you prefer working in this popular sector.


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