Travel & Teach - Qatar


Oil and natural gas revenues enable Qatar to have a per capita income not far below the leading industrial countries of Western Europe. The capital city of Doha is inhabited by 80% of the population and it is the commercial and cultural centre of the country and is where most of the English teaching work takes place. There is a large expat community and more on offer in terms of restaurants, clubs, societies etc. than elsewhere in the region. The medium of instruction in schools is now English. Oh, and the FIFA Men's World Cup is just around the corner... 

It should be remembered that Qatar is an Islamic state, although the laws that govern everyday social interaction are more relaxed in comparison to other countries in the region, such as Saudi Arabia. 

Tips for teaching English in Qatar:

* choose the TESOL Professional 250 hour course for the Middle East
* consider adding a 30-hour Business TESOL as this specialism is very much in demand
* dress for business and present a professional CV/resume
* ask any contacts you have in Qatar to find out about working opportunities there  


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