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In common with many Eastern European countries, demand for English has been large over the years, as Russians appreciate the value of learning the international language of business and commerce. There has been is specific interest in ‘British’ English in some quarters and you may find that anti-American sentiment is fairly prevalent across all age ranges in Russia.

There are still numerous English language schools. Presently, while demand for English is still high, conditions of work and salary are still lower than countries like Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

The country is culturally and historically diverse and interesting. Students are also likely to be demanding in the classroom, respectful of education and highly motivated to learn English. 

Due to the current world situation in Spring of 2022, we are not seeing any recruitment of teachers for Russia through the internet and we would strongly recommend anyone approached for travel and work, who is not already in Russia, take note of the advice on the FCO website here.


In addition to restrictions on currency and payments, we are not able to receive enrolments from candidates inside Russia at the present time. 


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