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Philip Ingle

My work in Saudi involved something of a contrast, with tightly regulated conditions in the military and a more laid-back life in civilian teaching. TEFL in the Air Force under British Aerospace was highly programmed, ‘by the book’ and exam-oriented. There was little scope for creativity, and the routine was quite strenuous for both teachers and students, so a dedicated TEFLer is likely to find the work frustrating.
In Jeddah, a more relaxed environment, I taught ground staff for the civil aviation authority. There was scope for a more personal and creative contribution here, with materials writing and an early (for me) foray into the world of materials for ESP (English for Specific Purposes).

It just goes to show – there can be substantial variation in circumstances within a single area, even one country. It’s as well to keep an open mind about ‘where to go’, because jobs (and employers) do vary, and there may be both interest value and useful experience in some unpromising situations, even if one does not in the end stay on too long.

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