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Unless you reside among the growing expat community and are able to pick up work locally, such benefits are not open to just anyone. You will normally need to be exceptionally well qualified (usually up to diploma level and beyond) and experienced (often five years or more). Adverts may also probably specify that you need to be male, sometimes that you must be under 50 or 55. Many  EFL teachers are likely to fall short of at least one of these requirements.

If you are a spouse of an expat worker, it should not be too difficult to pick up some local work. Qualifications are not always requested at by parents who would like their children to learn English from a native speaker and this practice is well established. But you must always be culturally sensitive in terms of the content of your teaching material as it can be easy to unwittingly offend.  But the good news is that people are very keen to learn English and so enthusiastic students are often the norm.

It is not advisable to travel to the country and find work on spec and there are no tourist visas. The company who employs you will make the necessary application for visas and work permits.  A number Global English TESOL graduates have been able to find work through UK-based agencies. 

Our recommended course options for Saudi are:

As with Qatar and other countries in the Middle East, you may also be able to find work teaching English to children privately. In this area being on the spot may be more important than degrees and certificates. If this is something you'd like to do, we suggest you add the 30-hour Teaching English to Young Learners.

All our Global English accredited courses now include online English teaching as standard, which is important, as post pandemic much teaching has gone online, and may stay that way in some form.

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