Travel & Teach - Serbia and Montenegro


There are many private language schools in Belgrade, primarily teaching English. Most of these schools are rather small and few of them can afford to offer regular employment as they have to pay the tax and contributions from the salaries. However, many of them employ part-time teachers. Many would like to have at least one native speaker teaching at their school. Therefore, if you are committed to teaching and able and willing to make a minor investment, you may join a school as a partner, in which case your earnings would mainly depend on your personal skill and engagement.

Besides teaching at a school, you can make quick and considerable money by giving private lessons and/or edit translations into English. Living in Belgrade can be very pleasant, so for the adventurous traveller, prospects of finding work are quite good.

Tips for teaching English in Serbia:

Teaching jobs are generally not advertised outside the country and so come with plenty of money to see you through and ensure your TESOL CV/resume 'sells you'. You might also consider teaching English online first with a large company, then picking this work up again once in Serbia so you are not reliant on local teaching only.

Find out more here about teaching English online.

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