Travel & Teach - Sub-Saharan Africa

Travel and Teach

Very few if any jobs will be advertised in the traditional press. Rather, try some of the contact organisations we have detailed on the Useful Contacts tab.

On applying for any EFL position or to voluntary organisations or agencies, it is generally advisable to send a passport sized photograph along with a CV and possibly copies of degree/EFL certificates. Many agencies will have their offices in the UK or USA and will insist on a telephone interview at least before making a placement.

However, if you are already in one of the countries where opportunities exist, simple word of mouth and interaction with the locals is likely to yield positive results. It will seem that everyone in the area wants to learn English. In the countries where English is taught in secondary schools, much of the work will require you to have a teaching certificate to gain work here. However, if this is a route which is not open to you, you might consider going through one of the many agencies which send volunteers to the continent. 

Our recommended courses for this region are:

All Global English accredited courses now include online English teaching as standard, which is important, as post pandemic much teaching has gone online, and may stay that way in some form.


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