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Work appears to be fairly plentiful all year round, both in term time and in summer, as students often take extra classes in the holidays. The only quiet time appears to be in the months just after Christmas. Dress smartly for interview, as appearance is very important in Taiwan. Once there, world of mouth is the most likely way of securing freelance teaching work and there are plenty of reputable schools around.

You might find the guide to writing your CV on our site quite helpful here.

Students are generally considered to be very friendly, welcoming and eager to learn, which should also help to make your first teaching experience less daunting and much more enjoyable. A busy nightlife can certainly be found in the big cities, although travelling further afield to the smaller provincial towns also yields its own rewards. Working on a tourist visa is illegal and the regulations are increasingly being enforced. If you are planning to arrive and then look for work, you might want to consider applying for a single or multi entry visa before you get there. A resident work visa should then be applied for by your new employers as long as they can offer you at least 20 hours teaching a week. Be prepared for a rigorous medical examination and ensure you have your original teaching and other certificates with you. Be aware that work visas are only valid for the sponsoring employer, although many still teach in a freelance capacity.

Our recommended course options for Taiwan are:

All Global English accredited courses now include online English teaching as standard, which is important, as post pandemic much teaching has gone online, and may stay that way in some form.


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