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Thailand is a country of geographical diversity and one of the most popular destinations for many gap year TESOL first timers. Until the pandemic and the closure of travel, it was a fantastic place and an excellent first stop for the more adventurous novice teacher.

Now that things are beginning to open up, expect Thailand to be among one of the first countries to seek English language teachers to come back to the country in numbers.

There are four principle regions: the mountainous north, the central plains, the semi-arid plateau of the Northeast, and the peninsula in the south, with its many beautiful tropical beaches and offshore islands. Many teachers don’t stick around in Bangkok, but travel further afield to experience ‘the real Thailand’. Teaching work has traditionally been plentiful. However, there is also some evidence of age bias with some trainees reporting adverts asking for applicants under 45 years of age.

Otherwise, students are relaxed, friendly and English language teaching is in great demand. A few schools advertise outside of the country, but you’ll find that the central TEFL recruitment website is an excellent source of jobs and this would be a good place for a new or even experienced person to start the job search.

Often teaching positions will be arranged from within Thailand. If you have ever visited the main cities you will probably have met many English speakers passing through. Indeed you will find that many of your colleagues may be travellers who are simply looking to finance their voyage through the country, rather than career teachers.

Tips for teaching English in Thailand:

* the Premier 120-hr TESOL for Asia as a basic qualification for this country
* the 30-hour Teaching English to Young Learners course will help you find work in Thailand.

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